Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Breakfast and why it is important

     Starting your day out with a good breakfast is super important! Your body hasn't eaten in about 8 hours so it is in desperate need for nourishment! If you wait till lunch than you are looking at 17 hours since your last meal if you had dinner around 7pm. At this point your body is mad at you and preparing for shut down like a toddler stomping his foot and throwing a tantrum. He wants food and he wants it NOW! Your metabolism is greatly effected when you don't keep it running and you keep it running by feeding it. Just like a car needs gas or a bike needs to be peddled a body needs food to keep it going. Lack of time seems to be an excuse, but this breakfast took about 10 mins to make and you can not tell me you can get through a drive thru quicker than that! This is 3 eggs, spinach, orange bell peppers, ham, and goat cheese. Yummy! The bell peppers are already cut and in the freezer ready to go thanks to meal prep and the spinach is a ready to go bag from Aldi's. I bought the Ham as a big bone in ham that I cooked in the crock pot with brown sugar and pineapples 👌Take time to have breakfast and your body will thank you! 😘

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