Saturday, December 31, 2016

Easy monthly meal prep!

Tomorrow morning I am starting  the year off right! As a busy mom who works full time cooking meals at home every night can be a challenge! I am going to try something this month to see if I can make it a little easier. I am setting up a week of meals which will include a full grocery list, one day for eating out, and one Paleo dessert each week. Then I will be repeating this week each week for  the month. I asked each person what meal they wanted and I made a list. Here is a list of what we are having:
Hamburgers with sliced white and sweet potatoes
Spaghetti With rice noodles
Chicken pasta with rice noodles
Diced chicken with mashed cauliflower and veggies
Steak tacos or nachos
Pork chops with rice and veggies
The rice noodles and regular white rice will be the only grains I will be having. Any dairy that I use for the family I will simply fix my plate before I make the rest for them. Studies show that white rice has no ill effect on the digestive track and is easy for people to digest  which is what makes it ok for a Paleo diet. The idea of the Paleo diet is to avoid foods that cause an autoimmune reaction and foods that are hard for the body to digest. Ok so since I got way off track let's get back to easy meal prep! So I will make this first week of meals and then repeat this same week of meals all month. It will make Sunday meal prep super easy since I will know exactly what I need to do! Each Monday we will have hamburgers which means no guess work when it comes to what is for dinner. Easy peasy πŸ‘Œ
I will be posting later how I am taking One Step at a time towards a new year new me! Happy New Year and happy meal prep and menu planning! 😘

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