Saturday, December 17, 2016


      I am so glad you stopped by! In just two weeks we start a new year! We tend to set up New Year's resolutions with great expectations to make this year THE BEST EVER! Well I would love to help make that actually happen this time! So often when we make these resolutions we make really big changes. "I am never going to eat processed sugar again!" or " I am going to exercise 5 days a week for 30 minutes!" One or two weeks in and we are sitting on the couch eating ice cream. I am a firm believer that success happens when you take baby steps. Can you go all in and be successful? Heck ya you can! For myself and so many others jumping in full force with both feet leads us back to the same habits we are fighting to end. You may ask yourself what do I mean by "baby steps"? So glad you asked!
     First and foremost you have to be really honest with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses.  If right now you are eating ice cream every night then cutting it out forever probably isn't really going to happen. After you have had a heart to heart talk with your self you need to also be honest as to why you want to start the path to a healthy life. Once you have done that then it is time to start setting some goals! I will get a little more into my goals and why I am choosing them a little later, but let me start off with how I am going to do it. 
    January has 4 weeks in it so each week I am going to choose one change to make. Week one it may be something like going to bed early. All week that is  your only focus and you make sure you stick to it! Week two you will continue with week one's goal, but you will add a new one. It may be things like eat more veggies, drink more water, work out two days, etc.. Week 3 you will add a new thing to your list, but you will keep doing the things from week 1 and 2 still. Make sense? 
     Being healthy involves so many aspects of life so these 4 new habits can be a wide range of things. A few more examples are spending some "me" time each night to take a moment and relax, read the bible, spend some time listening to worship music, try a new vegetable each day, drink less coffee, ect.. These are just some ideas, only you know you so take these next two weeks really thinking about what you want to add, change, or eliminate from your daily life and make a plan! 
     For me I cut out gluten 4 years ago due to being diagnosed with my second autoimmune disease. The more research I do the more I know that I also need to cut out dairy, soy, and corn products. 😩 I have spent the last year or so doing a pretty good job with it, but I have not been fully committed.  Each time I eat the food my body is having a immune reaction which obviously isn't' good. So in January I am going to focus on each of those and make sure that what I am putting in my body is what MY BODY needs not what MY BRAIN craves.
     I am also going to try and simplify meal prep. Instead of each week trying to come up with new and exciting meals that my kids may or may not like I am going to pick one week's worth of meals. Then those meals will be on repeat for the month. For example: Monday-hamburgers, Tuesday- spaghetti......
Then every Monday we eat Hamburgers and every Tuesday we have spaghetti.  I am going to choose meals that I can easily adjust to fit my Paleo needs and allow my family a little more freedom. So on Tuesday I will scoop my food after the meat and veggies are done and the family will eat it with rice noodles and sauce. Each Saturday will be a different meal and our dessert time! Instead of eating ice cream which for us is a regular "issue". It always happens to find its way into our freezer 🙈. Below is the dessert we tried tonight!
     Flourless Zucchini chocolate Brownies 😲 Say what?? yep you read that right and guess what?? They were great!! Even my daughter who won't eat a straight up Zucchini at all gobbled it right up! The beauty of hiding veggies is a mom's best friend! Here is the link where I got the recipe at and I followed it exactly. You might could try and shred the zucchini smaller, but I just used a cheese grater and it worked fine.  Here is the link and two different views of it to give you and idea how much zucchini you can see and how moist they are! 💓

Well that's it for today! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have an amazing rest of your weekend! 😘

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